Modular Interior

Elevate your interior design with Modular Furniture

Transform your home into a stunning masterpiece with Renohomes' top-notch modular furniture solutions. From sleek kitchens to stylish wardrobes, our customizable designs will bring your interior design dreams to life.

What elements contribute to creating the finest

Benefit from our state-of-the-art, precision-engineered manufacturing technology that guarantees exceptional accuracy. Every piece of Renohomes modular furniture is backed by a proud 10-year warranty.

  • Design

    Individually crafted to suit your needs, comfort and aesthetics in daily living.

  • Core Material

    Ethically sourced and sized up HDHMR / IS 303 BWR Plywood / IS 710 BWP Plywood / Laminates 1mm / Acrylic / Lacquer Glass

  • Manufacturing

    Modular furniture crafted with meticulous engineering and automated precision.

  • Hardware & Accessories

    Hettich Hardware to ensure our Durable Build quality for our modular cabinet.

  • Packing & Delivery

    Ensured for maximum protection, every module arrives at your home in impeccable condition.

  • Installation

    Our skilled and certified Renohomes professionals will expertly install your completed modular furniture.

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  • Quality Assured​

    with strict standards for quality, cost, and timeliness

  • Innovative Design​

    tailored to your requirements and in keeping with your brand's identity

  • Product Warranty

    10 years warranty on all Residential products

  • Dedicated Support​

    for all your need at one place related to your commercial interior

  • On Time Delivery​

    because of our technologically enabled scheduling and monitoring

  • Robust Supply Chain​

    with more than 30 OEM partners and 400 suppliers

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Find Out Answers Here​

What is the difference between Modular Interiors and Full Home Interiors ?

Think of it as going from a personal pizza to a large one - the quality remains, just the portions differ. Renohomes Modular Interiors allows you to swiftly arrange various parts of your home using tailored modular solutions for spaces like kitchens, wardrobes, and storage. Conversely, Renohomes Full Home Interiors is perfect for those seeking a complete transformation, beginning anew to craft a cohesive design for the entire home.

How is Renohomes different from contractors/individual designers/studios?

The difference is striking. On one side, there's the time-consuming process of researching, visiting markets to select materials and furniture, and the constant struggle of coordinating on-site work. On the other side, Renohomes provides a seamless and innovative experience. We offer everything you could possibly need, including top designers, skilled modular installation partners, trustworthy warranties, and beyond.

What are the cities that Renohomes currently operates in ?

We currently operate in more than 5 cities across India, and we’re spreading real fast. We are present in Kolkata, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida & many more.

Can I get just a part of my home designed?

We share your dreams, no matter the size. Whether it's a compact modular kitchen or a spacious living room, we're equally enthusiastic. To ensure the best value for your time and effort, we've established a minimum budget of ₹2 lakhs. The easiest way to determine if your project aligns is by having a brief chat with one of our designers.

Can I cancel my booking ?

We're confident you won't want to. Still, if the rare situation arises where you do, our cancellation policy ensures a complete refund within 48 hours of paying the booking fee. Additional information can be found in our cancellation policy section.