A List of 8 Must-Haves Essential for your Modular Kitchen

A List of 8 Must-Haves Essential for your Modular Kitchen

Say goodbye to the notion that cooking is a tedious task. Transform your kitchen into a powerhouse that saves you time and effort. Wondering how? The secret lies in strategically choosing modular kitchen accessories. Let our experts guide you on essential units to kickstart your culinary haven:

  • Drawer Systems (Modular Kitchen Accessories #1):

If your storage needs reside beneath the countertop, opt for drawer systems. They outshine bottom cabinets in convenience and space utilization. Box drawer systems provide both shallow and deep storage, featuring sturdy metal sides that fully extend for optimal visibility. Pro tip: Even at maximum capacity, these drawers keep items securely in place.

  • Tall Units (Modular Kitchen Accessories #2):


Integrate tall units into your modular kitchen for efficient storage, especially for groceries with a long shelf life. These versatile units utilize vertical spaces, resembling a seamless part of your kitchen wall when closed. From oils and seasonings to wine and snacks, tall units house diverse items in various-sized drawers and shelves. Pro tip: This hideaway storage preserves delicate items, shielding them from heat, sunlight, and moisture.

  • Vegetable Basket (Modular Kitchen Accessories #3)

Replace traditional vegetable trays with durable, easy-to-clean wicker baskets set into the modular framework. Conceal your veggies seamlessly within the modular kitchen setup.

  • Pull-outs (Modular Kitchen Accessories #4):

Optimize narrow spaces with pull-outs, strategically placed near the dishwasher or kitchen ends. These accessories feature narrow shelves for easy access to items like canned foods, condiments, bottles, jars, and cleaning agents. Pro tip: Pull-outs can serve as a mini pantry, facilitating self-service for guests.

  • Cutlery Trays (Modular Kitchen Accessories #5):

No kitchen accessories list is complete without cutlery trays. These versatile organizers keep spoons, forks, knives, and rolling pins in an organized manner, reducing clutter. Pro tip: Choose from various finishes like metal, wood, and PVC to match your preferences.

  • Corner Solutions (Modular Kitchen Accessories #6):

Make use of typically ignored corner spaces with clever accessories like LeMans corner and diagonal drawers. These units, such as Dee tray and Magic corner, enhance accessibility in smaller Indian kitchens. Pro tip: Install corner units in both upper and lower cabinets based on your organizational preferences.

  • Bottle Pull-Out (Modular Kitchen Accessories #7):

Solve the mystery of lost spice bottles with bottle pull-outs, effectively utilizing dead spaces in your kitchen.

  • Under-Sink Units (Modular Kitchen Accessories #8):

Uncommon yet effective, under-sink units keep supplies within easy reach while maintaining a clean and organized appearance.


Let Renohomes revolutionize your kitchen, introducing efficiency and decluttering with these charming units. Book a consultation today for a custom-designed kitchen that incorporates these innovative accessories.


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